Be Happier at Work

Why are some people always in a good mood at work, while others just don’t seem to be that happy? Well, there are many factors to consider, but credible studies show that much of it boils down to choice.

That’s right – a conscious choice about how we look at life, from major events to routine and seemingly insignificant happenings, helps determine how happy we feel at work and home on a daily basis.

Would you like to be happier at work? Despite your situation, your boss, that particular task you don’t enjoy, or whatever other qualms you may have with your current job? Geoffrey James, in a recent Inc article, outlines three steps to becoming a happier person at work.

We’d like to add, doing a 180 in temperament overnight isn’t exactly easy. So while completing this exercise will probably result in an immediate mood boost, long-term change will require revisiting the exercise again and again when you feel yourself start to slip back into negativity, until your new outlook becomes a habit.  Good luck!

1. Ask yourself: a) what has to happen for me to be happy…and b) what has to happen for me to be unhappy?  Make a list of answers for each question. Do your answers seem realistic? For example, are the things that will make you happy simple, and likely to occur on a frequent (daily) basis? Or are they rare, big events that only happen once every few years?  If you said the latter, how can you expect to be happy on a daily basis?

2. Rewrite the rules for what makes you happy and what doesn’t.  That means, considering all the little things you’re grateful for that you don’t always appreciate.  Maybe you have nice coworkers that make your office environment pleasant. Or maybe your boss’s feedback has actually caused your work to improve. The point is to notice and appreciate the little things that make you happy, and let the minor annoyances roll like water off a duck’s back (instead of them working you into a tizzy).

3. Print your rules. Keep them where you’ll see them.  Like we said earlier, it takes repetition to break old habits, so you’ll need to remind yourself of your new rules daily.

Are you typically happy at work? What strategies do you use to improve your mood on a daily basis?

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