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Could a Labor Market Maker Close the Talent Gap?

Here is yet another article addressing the talent gap – this one from the Harvard Business Review, by staffing company Manpower. The article calls out what we’ve been proposing for years: that “there is no mechanism that reliably signals which skills employers need so that individuals and schools can develop those skills.” What will be […]

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Helping New Workers Transition into Their New Jobs

When new hires begin work, the first few days and weeks can set the tone for how they adapt to their new work environments, and ultimately whether or not they succeed at your company. But what makes for a successful transition, and what doesn’t?  It helps to listen to workers’ own accounts of their first […]

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The Rise of Tablets in the Workplace

It used to that the Blackberry was the symbol of on-the-go technology in the business world.  Then, as Apple began creeping from creative environments into the business side, people began to favor the iPhone for its applications, many of which make life easier for busy, on-the-move people. Now it seems that another Apple product has […]

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A Step in the Right Direction

We’ve posted numerous times on the current jobs dilemma, the “skills gap.”  Our own President and CEO, Brian Robinson discussed the Death of Vocational Education, and our Senior VP of Company-Owned Operations Tom Bodeep discussed the Difficulty of Recruiting. If you aren’t familiar with the skills gap, or training gap, a simple Google search will […]

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Measuring for Cultural Fit

Does your company invest effort into measuring new employees for cultural fit?  At TRC Staffing, we consider cultural fit heavily when matching workers and companies.  In fact, it’s a crucial part of our assessment of clients and candidates. We thought this culture alignment scale on was an interesting way to consider workers’ fit within […]

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Which is Better for B2B Companies, LinkedIn or Facebook?

Which is better for marketing B2B Companies- LinkedIn or Facebook?  In our opinion, the two platforms work to accomplish completely different things, so you can’t really choose one over the other.  The best marketing for B2B or B2C will include both as part of their strategy for interacting with clients and employees.  But we don’t […]

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Storytelling: A Key Skill for Nailing an Interview

Your interviewer likely hears the same list of qualifications from candidates over and over again.  So what makes your qualifications stand out?  Making them memorable with a story.  Crafting a story around each of your skills is a timeless interview technique professionals have been teaching and using for a long, long time.  And it works.  […]

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Be Happier at Work

Why are some people always in a good mood at work, while others just don’t seem to be that happy? Well, there are many factors to consider, but credible studies show that much of it boils down to choice. That’s right – a conscious choice about how we look at life, from major events to […]

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