Two Changes to Facebook That Will Impact Recruiting

When Facebook announced its new rollout months ago, Facebook users, marketing professionals, and businesses all got busy debating over whether they liked or hated the changes and discussing the implications.  But no one really knew how they’d like the changes or what the implications would be because they needed time to adjust and understand exactly how the new features worked.

With the new features fully in effect, we have a couple of thoughts about how those features could affect staffing companies and recruiters, if you choose to leverage them.

Facebook TimeLine

The new Facebook app changes the layout of users’ profiles, making it more interesting and aesthetically appealing. This benefits users, but it also benefits advertisers.  The old version of Facebook places paid ads in the traditional, right column “Google Adwords-style.”  Though the old Facebook ads do receive clicks, they are still obviously ads and most users don’t give them much thought.

In contrast, the new layout requires users to look back and forth at pictures and places ads strategically in the timeline, increasing the odds that users will be more alert and focused when viewing them.

Staffing companies who take advantage of the new layout for paid candidate recruiting should see a payoff – for the time being, until or unless users get accustomed to the new template and begin to ignore ads again.

Sending users’ activity on outside websites to the Facebook feed.

What users do online – whether they read an article on WSJ, watch a video on YouTube, or apply for a job on your job board or company website – it can now be published on Facebook if they allow it to be.  With a single click, job candidates can help spread the word for you.  That means Facebook can and should be an integral part of your recruiting software.

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4 Responses to “Two Changes to Facebook That Will Impact Recruiting”

  1. I can’t hear antyihng over the sound of how awesome this article is.

  2. The MAR has made it perfectly clear that there is no real estate bubble. Don’t look at the numbers, we should just believe what the realtor associations are telling us. I totally trust them as well as the Warren Commission – (JFK era for the younguns on the board).

  3. Jajajaja que chistoso. En mi caso tú sabes que no es así, yo si soy un poco más meticuloso en la cocina.Saludos viejita…P.D.: Certifico que realmente no sabes calcular distancias ni cantidades al "ojo por ciento".

  4. I totally did the whole read under the covers with a flashlight thing – I miss being able to finish books :(hethe – when you get confused about an article use – “hethe cat chased the mouse”

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