Recruiter Resolutions for 2012

Tis the season for new resolutions, whether for health, family, work, and otherwise.  For recruiters and staffing professionals, here are three resolutions to help start the New Year off right.

If you suspect you aren’t leveraging social media to the fullest capacity, take a class, read a book, or get a friend to help you.  The web has truly changed the way we recruit.  In particular, social media and mobile provide some powerful tools for finding better candidates faster.  It may seem daunting, with all the new and constantly changing information out there.  But once you start, you’ll see these tools actually simplify  your job and make you a better recruiter.  So if you aren’t a “social media guru” don’t worry – most of us aren’t.  But a few hours set aside to learn these tricks will pay off exponentially!

Stay up on their industry.  Sure, you aren’t expected to be an expert on every technical aspect of every position you’re trying to fill – you’re the recruiter, not the candidate.  However, recruiters who go beyond memorizing job descriptions to actually become experts on the industry they recruit for will go far.  You can do this by reading trade journals, recruiting for an industry you actually have an interest or experience in, and most importantly, simply talking and listening to people in that industry.

Have fun.  Every job has perks and downsides, but take a moment to remember what you love about your job, and why you’re so good at it.  It takes a special personality to be a great recruiter.  Whether or not you perceive going to lunch with friends, getting people jobs, socializing, and networking as fun or work is up to you.

What 2012 resolutions have you made for yourself as a recruiter?

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