Four Ways to Keep Your Workplace Productive During Holiday Vacation

During the holidays, many people take vacation, but many offices are open and doing business throughout the entire holiday season.  While the atmosphere does take on a decidedly quieter feel, work does continue.  Here are four ways to ensure while you or others are out of the office, the people who remain can keep things running smoothly.

1. Help prepare and organize your team.  Meet with your team to discuss key items to focus on for the next several weeks.  Break those activities into daily tasks.  Consider conducting a dry run one day.  Translating the communication into action gives your team the confidence to handle things while you or others are away on vacation.

2. Consider possible scenarios.  What are some things that could go wrong, and how should they be handled if they do?  Consider these, and relay them along with a plan to your team.  You’re reducing the chance that you’ll be contacted while on vacation, should anything come up.

3. Schedule the workload for a longer time period than you usually would.  For example, if you’re going to be gone the first week of January, plan the work all the way through January.  If your team can see the work that lies ahead of them well after the holidays, they’ll understand the importance of getting the work they’re assigned during your vacation completed.

4. Set expectations.  If you’re not clear to your team that you will not be working during your vacation, and about what work you expect to be completed while you’re gone, you are guaranteed to be disappointed.  Make sure everyone is crystal clear and on the same page.

What other strategies have you used to prepare yourself and your coworkers for vacation?

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