Staffing Industry Trends 2012

Demand for knowledge versus physical labor will continue to increase.

In the past, we’ve had “thinking” jobs and we’ve had “physical labor” jobs.  Now, we need something in the middle.  As so much of physical labor becomes replaced by machines, we need people who understand the technology and mechanics behind this equipment.  It’s the reason for the current skills gap, and it’s the reason we are advocates of the return of vocational education.

Employers will hire for short-term assignments versus permanent positions.

Despite disappointing job numbers during the past few years, demand for temporary workers is a bright spot in the economy.  Rather than a temporary response to the recession, we see the rise in temporary jobs as a long-term workforce trend.  In short, companies are making temp workers a more permanent solution in answer to the nature of work today – which is constantly changing.

Hierarchy will be less and less distinguishable by age.

Let’s face it.  Young people grew up with technology and are often more intuitive about it as a result.  Today, toddlers understand how to use touch screens.  The iphone has replaced the baby rattle.  And leaders need that knowledge to put technology to use for their companies.  So we predict we’ll see mentors both young and old, and people of all ages working together with a less hierarchical structure.


Mobile is the new social.  Okay, obviously social is here to stay.  But social is old news; if your company isn’t social, you’re behind.  Now companies are rushing to figure out how to leverage mobile platforms to do everything from advertise their brand to complete sales transactions to do their jobs.  The use of mobile phones is well on its way to surpassing that of laptops.  The fact that these phones are with their owners 24/7 makes them a very powerful tool for companies.

More remote workers.

Though some companies are slow to embrace this trend, and understandably so, it cannot be avoided that the natures of technology and work today make it so that we can communicate and complete projects from our own homes as well as in an office; in fact, in many cases we work more efficiently and are more productive when we work from our own homes.  Working remotely also allows the right worker to be placed with the right company, without relocation costs and inconveniences.  As technology continues to advance, we can only imagine this trend growing in the coming years.

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