Can QR codes be used for recruiting?

You’ve most likely seen a QR code before.  In the past six months or so, companies have begun using them in their advertising as a way to drive traffic to sites.  All the user does is scan the code with an iphone, and he’ll be taken directly to the site the advertiser wishes him to see.  The idea is that you’re one step closer to getting your site and its message in front of your audience’s eyes.  While he might not take the time to manually enter a URL, perhaps he’d be willing to just scan.

How can we use these in the staffing world, though?  That depends on your purpose.  Maybe you’d like to:

  • Direct an applicant to a job application
  • Get candidates to participate in social media
  • Announce an award or positive press you received
  • Invite an email about business partnerships
  • Get people to check out your site
  • Get people to read your blog
  • Promote a campaign you’re working on
  • Simply get attention and brand awareness

Your goal will help determine the message and the medium.  For example, where will you put the QR codes?  If you’re targeting applicants, you might include the code on a leave behind flier for a career fair, or in a job posting.  For potential clients, think about magazine ads, business cards, and emails.

QR codes are fairly new and as we get used to using them, we’re likely to get much more creative about how we incorporate them into our recruiting.  They’re an inexpensive, simple technology worth exploring.

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