Should Social Media Access Be Blocked at Work?

According to a recent McAfee report, 40% of businesses report increased productivity after giving employees access to social media.

Just as we recognize the importance of taking small breaks throughout our workday to chat with coworkers, grab a snack, or read the news, the new social norm calls for taking a second share a Tweet or Facebook Status update.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, and other online media are the new forums for sharing knowledge that helps us do our jobs better, network with potential partners and clients, stay current on industry trends, and demonstrate leadership.

Not to mention, creating brand awareness for your company.

Why would we stifle this at work?

Yet, according to a study by Robert Half Technology, 31% of companies block social media access at work.

Here are a couple more statistics from the study:

  • Type of Use – Ten percent of people using social media do so for personal use; 35% for business; and 55% for both.
  • Frequency – Sixty-two percent visit social media sites one to two times per day (at work); 24% three to five times per day; 9% five to ten times per day; 5% more than 10 times per day.

So granted, use can get excessive, but it could be the good outweighs the bad.

What are your thoughts about using social media at work?  Is it a time waster, or are companies who prohibit its use behind the times?

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