Is Facebook part of your hiring or job-seeking process? just published an article, citing studies by Jobvite that list Facebook as the reason two out of three job candidates are in their current jobs, according to candidates.

LinkedIn came in second (46% of employees found jobs, or were found, through LinkedIn) and Twitter came in third (36% of  employees found their current positions through Twitter networks).

The numbers don’t add up to 100% because most employees use a combination of social networking tools.

Not convinced you should be leveraging social networking tools to find candidates or seek jobs?  Here are a few more statistics for you.

  • Twenty-eight percent of social networkers found a job directly through their online social networks.
  • Facebook has the largest percentage of social job seekers – 37% – compared to 10% (LinkedIn) and 11% (Twitter).
  • Sixty-two percent of the social job seekers are under 40.
  • Forty-two percent earn over $75,000 per year.
  • If Jobvite’s statistics are correct, 15.8% of the 48 million jobs filled in the past year were filled through social networking.

Another technology workers use to find jobs – mobile.  Nineteen percent of job seekers use their mobile device for job-searching.  That percentage doesn’t include other activities such as emailing, news, social networks, web browsing, chatting, useful applications, mapping, and file sharing – all of which could be used in part for career-related activities.

Clearly, job seekers are taking advantage of social media, mobile, and new technology in their job search.  As employers, are you leveraging these same tools to find your candidates?

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