Why Our Recruiters are So Good at What They Do

The best recruiters have certain strengths that set them apart and make them especially awesome at their jobs.  At TRC, we look for those traits in our recruiters, and as a result we believe our recruiters are among the best in the industry.

The following strengths are important in any occupation, but it is particularly important that recruiters be outstanding in these areas.

1. “People” people.  Their job is people.  They are excellent judges of character and develop strong intuition about people, so they are able to select the right candidates, and avoid the wrong ones.  They understand how to communicate with people, both how to listen carefully to clients’ needs, and relay job descriptions accurately to candidates.  Their outgoing natures make it easy for them to build a strong network of clients and candidates.  Most importantly, they genuinely love people.  They want to help deserving candidates succeed, and they do not want to let their clients down.

2. Salespeople.  If, and only if, they truly believe a certain candidate is right for a job, they must sell the candidate to the client, and vice versa.  It is the recruiter’s job to help the client understand clearly why a particular candidate is a perfect match for the position.  Recruiters must also sell a worthy candidate on the benefits of working for a particular company.  No matter how great the client and candidate are, recruiters are the ones who help them see this in each other.

3. Owners.  Owners put their heart into their work.  It is crucial to them that they find the very best candidates for their clients.  They do not sit at a desk all day; instead they hunt down the best candidates, using social media, networking events, and every other opportunity to find and win over these candidates.  As owners, they take it personally if they don’t match the right candidate with the right client.  They consider it their responsibility, and though the economy or other situational aspects may affect their success, they would never think to blame anyone but themselves for not reaching their goals.  Because of this ownership, they consider following up essential, as following up reflects positively on them as recruiters.

4. Consultants.  Great recruiters develop rapport with clients and candidates.  Because their clients and candidates trust them, they’re able to instruct them on the recruitment process, and guide them through it smoothly.  As recruiters, they have valuable insight on making the best match, and only a trusted consultant can help their clients and candidates benefit from this expertise.

What other qualities and traits should a top caliber recruiter possess?

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