Waiting for the perfect skill set VS. hiring for potential

Fifty-two percent of U.S. companies are struggling to fill key jobs, according to Manpower Groups 2011 Talent Shortage Survey.

News of a skills gap isn’t new, nor is it unique to the United States.  Employers need highly specific skills, for which exact matches are currently hard to find.

The responsibility to mend the skills gap falls on all of us, from policy makers to job seekers to employers.

Rather than waiting for the rare employee with the perfect skill set to come knocking on their doors, smart employers should take responsibility for their success by

a.) pinpointing essential skills needed today and in the future and

b.) hiring candidates for fit and potential rather than waiting for a particular, packaged and ready-to-go skill set.

Investing today in smart, talented workers, whose strengths are a fit for the job, makes much more sense than scrambling for the exact skill set when you needed the job filled yesterday.  Skills can be learned quickly, on the job – if you hire the right person and offer good training.

What good workers really want more than anything else isn’t just a certain pay, workload, and schedule.  They want security and work satisfaction.  That means a company that invests in them, grows them, and hires them because their strengths and interests fit the job description.

That’s hiring for long-term success.

As the demand for products and services increases, the skills gap will only widen unless we’re doing things on all levels to fill it.

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