President Obama moves to make Unemployed Discrimination illegal.

In his jobs bill, Obama includes regulation to protect unemployed people from being discriminated against by hiring companies.

We discussed the issue of unemployed discrimination in a previous post, Is there such thing as discrimination against the unemployed?

There clearly is.  Many people need jobs, and apparently companies think they can afford to be particularly selective during times of high unemployment.  So they simplify the process by screening out all unemployed candidates.  The thinking, we presume, is that many unemployed candidates are unemployed for reasons pertaining to either their performance at their last job, or lack of drive.  Obviously this isn’t always the case – especially during times of Layoffs of Entire Departments and Companies Going Under.

But, to save time, some HR departments are posting jobs with the disclaimer that says in so many words “Do not apply if you are unemployed.”  Worse, some companies are asking employment and recruitment agencies to screen on the basis of employment status.  So, many unemployed candidates – those who arguably need jobs the most – will never even hear about these job openings.

That said – Obama is presenting this bill with good intentions.  We worry about more regulation with regards to hiring, though.  In expending efforts and resources to manage these offending companies, are we going to make it more taxing on the majority of companies, who just want the best employees, regardless of their employment status, to hire them?  Because those sorts of distractions can become another spoke in the wheel to hiring, which is the last thing our economy needs right now.

Simultaneously, the last thing a hardworking, intelligent person who found him/herself a victim of blanket layoffs needs is to be told they can’t apply for a job… because they don’t have a job.

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One Response to “President Obama moves to make Unemployed Discrimination illegal.”

  1. Flag Goofy Job Ads!

    Don’t count on government intervention, it’s time to take matters into our own hands. All of the job sites have a “flag” or “report” button on the pages the ads are hosted on. Click those buttons when you see an ad telling the unemployed not to apply, requiring a credit check for a position that does not handle money, or requiring a disproportionate amount of experience for a job (Such as 10 years of experience for an entry level position).

    It’s time for the job seekers, the unemployed, and the employed who are just sick of what’s going on to exercise their rights and…

    Flag Goofy Job Ads!

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