Think you should spend 12 hours a day job-searching? Wrong.

Many people assume when they’re out of work, they ought to spend every free second looking for a job.  That, ‘looking for a job’ should be treated as their ‘full-time job.’  They then experience a lot of guilt when they can only manage a few hours a day before their attention shifts to the news on t.v., the dishes that need doing, or the dog that needs walking.

Worse, because of the pressure they put on themselves about how they should be job-hunting 24-7, some people hide from it completely, avoiding the pain and stress they’ve begun to associate with the task.

Well, here’s a dose of reality.  Many of those people who successfully found jobs did not do it by being slaves to their search until they landed it.  They worked efficiently, by staying very focused on the task at hand for a few hours, then allowing themselves to enjoy other activities without feeling guilty.

You can only stay fully focused on one specific task for so long, before your productivity greatly decreases.  At that point, you’re not working efficiently, and so you’re wasting your time.  Switch to a different productive activity, one that you enjoy or one that simply needs doing.  You’ll find that later, you’ll be recharged for more job-searching again.  Two or three hours of highly focused work is so much more valuable than eight hours of distracted, half-hearted searching.  Those hours add up.  If you’re working smart, you will reach your goal of landing a job.

In the meantime, remember that sitting at a computer only does so much for your job search.  The best way to find a job is to polish your resume and let everyone know, face-to-face, that you’re looking.

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