Jobs Plan.

 Obama announced his jobs plan last night, stressing the urgency of passing the plan immediately… but told us we’d have to wait two weeks to hear the details.

I don’t know about you, but I like to know the details before I decide whether or not to pass a plan.


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2 Responses to “Jobs Plan.”

  1. It seems like it’s as vague as the people talking about improving Detroit schools – no specifics at all, just talk about how we’ll be so impressed with the schools in 5 years. I’m not sure why it would take 5 years to make these improvements – hire teachers NOW that know how to teach & bring these students up to where they should be & the kids would show up. No incentive now to show up -what are they going to learn? It seems like all of the speeches are pretty empty nowadays anyway- he just wants to blow smoke in our faces. Are they actually supposed to pass this without knowing the details? That’s insane. Where’s the money coming from anyway???? The Social Security fund? The welfare funds? Michigan’s governor just signed a welfare law saying you can’t be on it for more than 4 years. In a way I agree- but it starts in October, they’re getting fed to wolves. Now’s not the time to be cutting stuff like that…

  2. Kim, we feel you! As far as education being important, we totally agree. We’ve written before about the skills gap (here – Finding a way to get the right message to teachers and students about labor needs could help guide some of their educational paths. Besides that, what creates jobs is demand for services and products; what creates demand are innovators; what helps creates innovators is education, among other things (like an environment conducive to business growth). We see some of that in the plan…

    Thanks for your comment.

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