Lower Pay in Exchange for More Flexibility?

Even amid high unemployment in a down economy, this study of 1,071 working adults shows U.S. employees are willing to take a pay cut for workplace flexibility.

Would you offer your employees a more flexible work schedule, in exchange for their accepting a lower salary?  Workers, would you take a lower-paying job over a higher-paying one, if the lower-paying job offered a flexible work schedule?

According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Mom Corps, more than two in five working adults are willing to trade an average of 6% of their salary, in exchange for more work flexibility.

Think those people are mostly moms?  Actually, working men are more than twice as likely as working women to favor giving up over 10% of their salary for more flexibility.

And the youngest and most unemployed age group, 18-34, is three times more likely to trade over 10% of their pay for more flexibility.

What do these results say about the group surveyed, if not the population as a whole?  We’d be interested to know more about the individuals surveyed, but it’s safe to say whatever their reasons, workplace flexibility is highly valued among workers.

Perhaps workers find the money saved on commuting, childcare, and inconveniences related to a rigid work schedule is equal to or greater than the traded salary.  Maybe they feel they’re paid enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle, and their lifestyles can benefit more from added flexibility than more money.  Maybe they have side projects they value as much or more than their nine-to-fives.  Or maybe they feel they are actually more productive when they can set their own schedules.

Whatever the reasons, companies could potentially save money if people are willing to be equally as productive for less pay, in exchange for flexibility.

The desire for flexibility could be one of many reasons temporary staffing agencies have gained in popularity.

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