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Think you should spend 12 hours a day job-searching? Wrong.

Many people assume when they’re out of work, they ought to spend every free second looking for a job.  That, ‘looking for a job’ should be treated as their ‘full-time job.’  They then experience a lot of guilt when they can only manage a few hours a day before their attention shifts to the news […]

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Why mentors and protégés are crucial to your success.

                      Talk to anyone who made it to the top or achieved great success, and they’ll say simultaneously, that it took an army, and that they couldn’t rely on anybody but themselves. People who achieve success feel tremendous gratitude, towards the people above them and […]

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TRC Named Best of Staffing Talent 2011

We’re excited to announce TRC Staffing Services, Inc. and TRC Professional Solutions made Inavero’s 2011 Best of Staffing Talent for the second year in a row! Fewer than 1 percent of staffing firms in the nation were named as winners on the final list. Thank you to all of our recruiters, managers, support staff, and […]

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What does the President’s jobs plan mean for you?

This video from does a good job of explaining some of the good and bad in Obama’s jobs plan.  Here are a few highlights: 1. The plan includes investments in schools, payroll tax relief, a tax credit for hiring veterans, and reducing corporate tax deductions, and an unemployment benefits extension. 2. The plan contains too […]

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Fastest Growing Jobs of the Next Decade

Looking for a new career path?  Trying to decide where to move?  We found this handy infographic on Business Insider.  The bad news is, if your specialty is textile bleaching, your job outlook isn’t good.  The good news is, if your skills lie in technology, engineering, or healthcare, you’re in demand. TRC Staffing is happy to […]

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Jobs Plan.

 Obama announced his jobs plan last night, stressing the urgency of passing the plan immediately… but told us we’d have to wait two weeks to hear the details. I don’t know about you, but I like to know the details before I decide whether or not to pass a plan. Thoughts?

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Lower Pay in Exchange for More Flexibility?

Even amid high unemployment in a down economy, this study of 1,071 working adults shows U.S. employees are willing to take a pay cut for workplace flexibility. Would you offer your employees a more flexible work schedule, in exchange for their accepting a lower salary?  Workers, would you take a lower-paying job over a higher-paying one, […]

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Write your own obituary. Discover who you truly want to be.

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.  –Steve Jobs Sometimes it can be confusing to know exactly what job you should be doing, to have the most fulfilling and rewarding career in the long run. […]

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