Is there such thing as discrimination against the unemployed?

You’d think so.  Right now, there are THREE bills between the House and the Senate, aimed at protecting the unemployed from being discriminated against during the candidate screening process.  It seems many employers view unemployed candidates as less desirable than they do candidates with jobs.

It seems especially unfair, and counterproductive, with unemployment such a big problem right now, that the ones we assume most need a job, are the last choice for employers.

Some employers go so far as to list “must be currently employed” in the job qualifications, while other employers are more discrete about their screening processes.

We all know the danger of making sweeping generalizations about a select group of people.  In doing so, we put many deserving people at an unfair disadvantage, and risk perpetuating a bleak situation for those individuals.

Let’s look at the other side of the equation, though.  Employers might argue that generally speaking, the employed are employed for a reason; often because they’re the best workers.  And employers compete for the best workers.  That’s what motivates us to work hard; we get rewarded for our efforts.

It’s the old balancing act.

The unemployed deserve protection from unfair discrimination. We need this legislation, as long as it doesn’t go so far as to encourage hiring less qualified individuals because they’re unemployed.

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