Things Organized People Do

1. Organized people throw things away.  You might not be used to throwing things away.  But trust us.  Go all in and very soon you will become addicted to the amazing feeling of clearing out the clutter from your life.  You may even throw a few things away in the process that you shouldn’t have.  We call those minor casualties of becoming organized for the greater good.

2. Keep checklists.  Organized people write things down with little square boxes beside them that they take pleasure in crossing off.  That way, they don’t forget anything.

3. Extremely organized people have no miscellaneous piles on their desks.   They designate a place for everything important.  If it isn’t important, it gets thrown away (see 1).

4. Organized people have a routine and don’t rely on their moods to dictate whether they stick to them or not.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t flexible.  But for example, they check and respond to emails systematically out of habit in the morning; they do not put it off until the afternoon unless they have no choice due to other obligations.

5. They have reserves.  Reserves of money, energy, time, and resources.  They do not enjoy the chaos of last minute scrambling so they make sure to be prepared and have back up.  This results in them appearing much calmer than a disorganized person.

Are you an organized person? What is the habit that helps you best maintain an organized life?

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