Why you should love your work.

Most people aim to find a job they love, thought not everyone is lucky enough to end up in that position.  But should you love your job?  After all, isn’t it called “work” for a reason?  And why do some people never feel fulfilled by their work?

We believe you should love what you do (and we’re not the only ones).  Only when you love what you do can you put your passion behind your efforts, to truly have a positive impact.  Not only that, but you’re spending the majority of your time at your job, so you want to make it count – you want to be present and engaged.

But there are some myths about “loving your work.”  For one thing, you won’t always love your job.  You may work for a year or even years doing something purely for income or because you know that position will lead to something greater.  And let’s say you get that position, the one that allows you to do truly fulfilling work.  You won’t always enjoy it.  You may even have days or weeks when you hate it.  Ups and downs are a natural part of fulfilling work.

The other myth is that external factors are solely responsible for whether or not you love your work.  Your boss, your income, your coworkers, your clients, your hours, and your office space – they all factor in to affect your experience for better or worse.  However, the most important determinant of how happy you are at work is you.  How much responsibility you chose to call your own directly affects your level of fulfillment and happiness at work.

Choosing a line of work you are naturally inclined to be good at and care about is the most important step you’ll take towards a fulfilling career.  Not choosing a job for money, power, or influence.  Besides, those things generally come in time, when you choose work you care about, and take personal responsibility every day for getting the work done.

Your turn.  What is rewarding to you about your line of work or your job?

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One Response to “Why you should love your work.”

  1. This actually made me feel better. sometimes I get so focused on wondering why i don’t LOVE going to work and it makes me feel like i’m doing somethingwrong but you’re right, loving our work and career path doesn’t mean loving going to work every day 🙂

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