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Closure for candidates: The smallest but most important token.

What do you all think about candidate feedback?  Do recruiters and hiring managers have an obligation to provide feedback to candidates who didn’t get the job? Or is it the candidates’ responsibility to glean their own conclusions about what went wrong, based on the fact that they didn’t get the job? Maybe it’s a little […]

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Whose responsibility is work-life balance?

Did you all hear about the recent ruling against Bloomberg employees who’d claimed they were discriminated against for being mothers? The judge – who happens to be female – rejected the claim, citing insufficient evidence.  You can see the details of the case (here too, for a different perspective) and form your own opinion on […]

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Is there such thing as discrimination against the unemployed?

You’d think so.  Right now, there are THREE bills between the House and the Senate, aimed at protecting the unemployed from being discriminated against during the candidate screening process.  It seems many employers view unemployed candidates as less desirable than they do candidates with jobs. It seems especially unfair, and counterproductive, with unemployment such a […]

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Signs Washington is Starting to Think About Jobs

Suddenly, all at once we’re seeing several signs that the government might finally be taking actionable steps towards ‘job creation.’  We use the term ‘job creation’ loosely, because the government doesn’t create jobs; innovation and production create jobs – but the government can do things to make innovation and production possible.  Here are a few […]

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Why is recruiting so hard if 9% of the workforce is unemployed?

Why is recruiting so hard if 9% of the workforce is unemployed? By: Tom Bodeep, Senior Vice President, Company-Owned Operations We are in the most unique labor market I have ever seen. While there is clearly an abundance of people on the market either unemployed or under-employed, jobs are taking longer to fill and hiring […]

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Employers seeking technically savvy workers.

Recruiters and CEOs have some advice for the workforce:  Invest in yourself and become skilled in the technical arena.  Companies are putting off hiring in search of candidates they don’t have to spend money training.  Today, it should be a given that workers have a certain amount of technical savvy.  Workers must take it upon […]

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Future of Work – Temp Jobs?

                        Future of work? Temp jobs. – MSNBC When times are uncertain, employers turn to temps.  And times are definitely uncertain. But even amid the stock market being hammered, the U.S. credit rating downgrade, and the high unemployment rate, there are people who say the […]

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Things Organized People Do

1. Organized people throw things away.  You might not be used to throwing things away.  But trust us.  Go all in and very soon you will become addicted to the amazing feeling of clearing out the clutter from your life.  You may even throw a few things away in the process that you shouldn’t have.  […]

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Why you should love your work.

Most people aim to find a job they love, thought not everyone is lucky enough to end up in that position.  But should you love your job?  After all, isn’t it called “work” for a reason?  And why do some people never feel fulfilled by their work? We believe you should love what you do […]

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