Big Brother

We all know employers use social media to screen job candidates and monitor what’s being said about their company.  We also know that many a former employee has been fired over controversial photos, Facebook statuses, or Tweets.  We’re just in the beginnings of the social media era, and it’s a trend we don’t see going anywhere anytime soon.  So it only makes sense that screening will be made easier and more thorough with technology.

And it has.  Social Intelligence is a startup that scours the web for an individual’s activity.  They’re looking for signs of a hiring hazard, like explicit photos or violent activity.  But in their search, they collect everything, from comments, to professional honors and employment background, to photos and videos.

How far is too far, though?  With the web making facts about our lives more accessible than ever, we’re in new territory regarding the issue of privacy.  We have a right to it, but how do we regulate who has access to our information, and what they can do with that information?

Sure, individuals can choose to not have a web presence, but that’s pretty much impossible these days if you want to function in normal society.  From your credit card company, to social media networks, to online shops, to smart phones, to communications companies – they’ve all got your information stored, and you’re at their mercy what they chose to do with it.

The one piece of advice we can offer, which you already realize, is to watch what you say and post online – and don’t allow people to take photos of you which you wouldn’t want posted online.  You never know who might tag you doing what, and who might see the photo.

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