Social Media for Recruiting: Embrace It!

It’s about offering something of value, creating movements that build over time, engaging with passionate fans and giving them the tools to influence others. – Webster Lewin, AdAge

A recent survey by Jobvite showed 89% of poll respondents use social media to recruit candidates.  64% of those respondents say they’ve hired people through social media. Is your company using social media for recruiting?  You should be.

Here are a few statistics.

  • Over 400 million people globally read blogs.
  • Almost 1 billion photos are added to Facebook monthly.
  • The average user spends 300 minutes each month watching online videos.
  • 60% of Internet users have uploaded and shared photos.
  • 48% of those over 35 belong to at least one online social network.
  • 92% of social network users are on Facebook.
  • 93% of people expect companies to have a social network presence.

What does this have to do with recruiting?  Social media is where your talent hangs out.

Social media is a virtual pool of candidate profiles and resumes.  The old-fashioned paper resume isn’t yet obsolete, but not near as telling if not partnered with a candidate’s online “brand,” aka their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blog, personal website, and online portfolio.

Not only can you select from your own social network of candidates, you can also leverage and build off those candidates’ personal networks.

Perhaps most importantly, you can use social media to engage in conversation with customers, suppliers, and internal stakeholders in order to receive and respond to feedback so you remain in joint control of our brand.  We say joint because thanks to social media, brands are now shaped by word of mouth exponentially.

In that respect, you can’t afford not to embrace social media.

Are you using social media as part of your recruitment process?

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  1. Hey dude 🙂 you have shared effective statistics helps me to prepare my research paper on workforce. By the way Im still waiting for your next event.

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