The Debt Ceiling: A Little Less Talk, A Little More Action

Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics presented a bleak unemployment report, with few jobs added and a higher unemployment rate.

Certainly, the debt ceiling negotiations have contributed to a slight stall in business and of course jobs, as leaders watch and wait out the uncertainty.  There’s been so much focus on what might happen if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.  Meanwhile, we may already be seeing an impact.

As soon as Washington turned its talk from the 2011 budget to the debt limit, following promising job numbers in February and March, the job market begin to decline, with the number of unemployed people increasing by 545,000 and the unemployment rate rising by .4% between April and now, according to the latest BLS report.

If you, like many, aren’t clear on exactly what the debt limit means, and what the consequences may be if we do or don’t increase it, the Heritage Foundation has released this little video to explain it.  Though, you might just bypass it unless you appreciate extreme biases and being spoken to like a 5-year-old.  There’s also this explanation, which theorizes that the government has already shutdown.

Our country and even our company have witnessed valleys and peaks in the economy, though perhaps not one so prolonged as this current one.  We know first hand there are jobs out there that need to be filled, and there are workers who want to work.  We work tirelessly to connect the two, but there are so many other things that can be done! We could use the support of communicative, bipartisan leaders to do it.

(Image courtesy L.A. Progressive.)

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