A Job Search Tool for Twitter

We’ve discussed the benefits (here and here), in the current economy, of matching qualified workers with companies local to their homes.  With home prices so low, many find it difficult or impossible to relocate, so helping companies and workers find each other is important.

There’s a new search tool for Twitter to help us make better employee-employer matches, by location and otherwise.  It’s called TwitJobSearch.  Job seekers, companies, and recruiters can all benefit.

Recruiters post jobs on Twitter – manually, or automatically through a feed according to your preferences.   Job seekers use TwitJobSearch to find jobs by salary, skills, job type, position and location. 

What makes the tool interesting?

Well, first of all, the manner in which the results are displayed is more visual, less static, and overall more user-friendly than other job search tools.  Job seekers can easily find and track the jobs most relevant to them.  Second, recruiters can use the tool to track activity around jobs by job title, skill set, salary, and location.  Finally, TwitJobSearch harnesses the power of Twitter, one of the best word-of-mouth news mediums, period.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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