STRESS: Tips to Unwind.

(Painting by Marcel Ceuppens.)

We bring you this post in the midst of summer, when unwinding is generally accepted, even expected, and depending on where you live (South, anyone?), required due to extreme heat.

No matter who or where you are, you deal with stress, work-related or otherwise.  Some of us handle it better than others.  For anyone who has ever felt tension in their shoulders or tightening in their chest due to schedule overload, pressing personal or work issues, or perhaps just one too many cups of coffee, we’re speaking to you.

Too much stress doesn’t feel good and it isn’t good for you (no, really).  Here’s what works for us.  We hope you’ll try it.

1. Diet

Often you don’t realize how food affects you until you stop eating it and replace it with a different kind of food.  You don’t need us to tell you what’s healthy and what’s not; you can find reliable sources – on second thought, maybe try here – for healthy nutrition all over the web.  What you eat affects how you feel and act.  Ironically, when you’re feeling stressed, your eating habits change for the worse, which in turn makes you more stressed.  (If you’re interested, take this Real Age test to see how strongly diet determines your physical and mental health).  The trick is to be prepared.  Anticipate these times.  Keep your desk stocked with fruit, nuts, and water.   Eating healthfully lowers our stress levels so we perform better, and we know it will yours too.

2. Exercise

Ever tried being anxious after a long, sweaty run or weight-lifting session?  When your muscles are physically exhausted, it’s kind of hard to keep stressing.  Your muscles tell the rest of you it’s time to relax, and you listen.  Since many of us have desk jobs, physical activity outside work is especially important.  We won’t linger on the obvious subject of exercise as a stress-reliever.  On to…

3. Water (we don’t mean to drink.)

Have you ever noticed it’s almost impossible to feel stressed when you’re reclining in a chair on the beach looking out at the water?  There’s a reason and it’s not just that you’re on vacation.  Water has a therapeutic, calming effect.  We could get super deep and talk about it being the essence of life from which many living things evolved… etc.  But why over-analyze it.  Lake, Ocean, Pool, Extra-Large Bathtub – find some water and get in it.

4. Breathe

We almost don’t dare tell you where we got this one.  But it’s a truth universally acknowledged yet often underestimated.  When you’re feeling stressed, remember to breathe.  The simple, physical act of breathing is the most powerful, immediate way to calm your tension.  And you can do it while on vacation in the Caribbean, or while sitting at your office desk.

Your turn. What’s your go-to stress reliever?

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2 Responses to “STRESS: Tips to Unwind.”

  1. Hi,

    it would be nice if you mentioned my name when using one of my paintings.
    Best regards,


    • Marcel,
      You’re absolutely right. Please see our edit at the beginning of the article. We liked your unique painting and the feeling it conveyed and thought it appropriate for the subject of this article. We hope you don’t mind us using it here with appropriate mention of your name. Thank you for your comment.

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