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>5 Steps to Make Sure Your Employees Succeed

> For companies to achieve, employees must achieve.  The steps to employee success are similar to those of anyone’s success.  However, just as we don’t always take necessary action to reach our goals in other environments, so we don’t always in the workplace.  Here are five crucial steps to help your employees truly perform.  By […]

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>Employer-Paid Vouchers Axed

> Lobbyists succeeded in helping to repeal the healthcare reform voucher provision, as part of the recent budget deal, though the provision actually had no short-term impact on government spending.  However, the provision would have had a big impact on employers. What are the vouchers? The free choice vouchers are paid for by employers, and given […]

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The Right Boss Matters

People always talk about finding the right job, but you don’t hear them talk about finding the right manager – until they’re in the job, and then you often hear them complain. Really, they should consider their “fit” with each manager during the interview process.  As much as the job requirements, a manager controls your […]

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Dress for Interview Success

Dress for Interview Success

Appearance counts, especially at a job interview.  Your interviewer and people at the company will be judging you by your answers to questions, and also by how you’re put together. That includes what you’re wearing and what you carry with you.  Here are some tips to ensure you’re presenting yourself in a manner that helps […]

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>Temp Workers in Japan

> In the United States, the term temp worker does not carry with it the negative connotation it does in some countries.  Temp work has evolved from conjuring images of grueling labor and scraping by, to signify flexibility, autonomy and valuable career experience. However, the recent tragedy in Japan has brought into focus examples of […]

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Women, the Workplace, and Companies’ Role in Gender Equality.

Following the recent Walmart lawsuit, the media has focused on women in the workplace today: their successes, their challenges, and their aspirations.. Women in the workplace have come so far since the days of their mothers and grandmothers.  That isn’t to say they work harder than their predecessors; they just have more choices about what […]

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>10 Things (That Actually Happened) to Never Do in an Interview.

> Most of us think we know the basics of good interview etiquette, but you’d be surprised what people actually say and do in interviews.  Maybe they’re not thinking, maybe they’re nervous, or maybe they simply don’t care. The following is a list of things that actually happened in an interview.  Remember, sometimes when you’re […]

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>2nd Consecutive Month of Strong Job Growth

> The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 216,000 new jobs in March and unemployment down to 8.8%. These statistics exceeded economists’ expectations for more modest job growth and an unmoving unemployment rate. Among growing sectors was the service sector, which overall added 199,000 jobs, lead by the continuing growth in temp hiring. On a local […]

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