>Office April Fool’s Day Pranks


If you’ve ever worked in an office, known anyone who works in an office, or watched The Office, you know that in an office, office pranks abound.
Now we’re not suggesting you partake in office pranks, especially not the disruptive sort.  But harmless, good-humored pranks can lighten the air and actually improve moral, as long as the recipient appreciates the humor.
With April Fool’s Day tomorrow, if you are going to pull any pranks, here are a few classics as well as a few new ideas.
1. Place a sign on both (or all) office entrances with an arrow pointing that says “Please Use Other Door.” J
2. You and a few coworkers bring several changes of clothing to work.  Throughout the day, inconspicuously change your attire, making sure you’re seen in all of your various outfits.  Be completely stone-faced, and watch the object(s) of your prank question their sanity before catching on.
3. If you work in a smaller office, arrange for every co-worker to call or email your boss throughout the day to ask for the same day off, for differing reasons (pregnancy, vacation, appointments, etc).  Heh heh.
4. Classic from The Office: Label every single item on someone’s desk with a post-it note.  Phone. Keyboard. Mouse. Pencil. Pen. Monitor. Notepad. Trashcan. Seat. And so on…
5. Buy a box of doughnuts several days before April 1st.  Put them in the refrigerator until they are quite dried out but still look appetizing.  Bring them to work and put them out on the kitchen counter for everyone to help themselves. Whatever you do, don’t claim them!
6. Replace your boss’s cushy, fancy desk chair with the rattiest old chair in the office.  Whoever gets the boss’s chair will be super excited, and the boss will feel slightly embarrassed to have to swap the ratty chair for the nice one.  Just make sure you know your boss well enough to play this prank!
7. Replace your coworker’s desk chair with a heavy bench from outside.
8. Borrow your coworker’s car keys and make a copy.  For the next week, move his car to various different spots in the parking lot and watch his confusion. Make sure you give the key back to him at the end of the prank.
Have you ever played an April Fool’s Day or other prank on a co-worker? What was it?

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